January 09, 2017

Lafayette, LA – H2O, Inc. receives approval for its marine sanitation device, “Crapzapper,” to have met International Maritime Organization Resolution MEPC.227(64) “Revised Guidelines on Implementation of Effluent Standards and Performance Tests for Sewage Treatment Plants” and 33 Code of Federal Regulations, Part 159 “Marine Sanitation Devices”

Crapzappers are biological sewage treatment units that are widely used in offshore and marine markets to treat sewage to the required discharge levels stipulated by the United States Coast Guard and International Maritime Organization.

About H2O, Inc.

H2O is an advanced water treatment technology company serving the global oil and gas offshore and marine markets. It has operated for more than 35 years and provides three core water treatment technologies: reverse osmosis desalination, biological sewage treatment and electrochlorination.