May 01, 2012

H2O Inc., a leading water system equipment provider, has added the ElectroChlorTC product line to its offerings, announced President Jess Fike. The line produces sodium hypochlorite, a powerful biocide and disinfecting agent that can be economically and safely produced using an onsite sodium hypochlorite generator (OSHG). Sodium hypochlorite is also used as a safe alternative to chlorine for biofouling control.

H2O’s OSHG systems produce sodium hypochlorite by running electric current through salt water, which efficiently and effectively protect equipment against the growth of organic fouling micro and macro, which occurs when seawater is used in any process such as cooling or fire water.

“Built specifically for the offshore market, H2O’s hypochlorite generator systems can be designed and engineered to meet all site specifications and needs,” said Fike. “H2O is known for its quality products and customized solutions for the oil and gas industry, and our ElectroChlorTC product line is another example of using technology to provide safe and convenient water solutions to customers wherever a job takes them.”

The ElectroChlorTC product line offers a range of hypochlorite generator systems specifically designed and engineered for the offshore market, with parts and support services to maintain them. The ElectroChlorTC product line is part of H2Oís ongoing Water Without the Risk program, which includes desalination systems, pressure sets, hot water packages and skidded potable water storage tanks.