Jan 01, 2012

Commander System H2O, Inc., a leading water system equipment provider, introduces the Commander System, a quality monitoring system for on-site stored water. Designed to circulate, monitor, disinfect and re-mineralize potable water, the Commander System is like having a team of water quality experts on duty 24/7.

The Commander System, which monitors free chlorine, pH and total dissolved solids levels, as well as water temperature in water tanks, can alleviate common problems including plumbing corrosion, lack of disinfection and unsanitary tanks and plumbing onboard. The patent pending system allows potable water storage tanks and plumbing to be shocked, disinfected and cleaned without wasting water, while protecting tanks and plumbing from corrosion with its specialized re-mineralization feature.

This system keeps water circulating in tanks so disinfectants can work, while preventing stagnation and the growth of algae and bacteria. Chlorine injections rates are automatically adjusted based on need, preventing under- and over-chlorination, as required by government regulations.

The Commander System offers peace of mind on when it comes to stored water safety, while preventing health hazards to personnel and guarding against EPA Safe Drinking Water Act and other government regulation violations.

“Ensuring quality, risk-free water on every platform and jobsite is our first concern,î said Jess Fike, President of H2O. “The Commander System offers a worry-fee solution to quality water concerns.

For more than 30 years, H2O has provided water without the risks to the onshore and offshore energy market. Headquartered in Lafayette, La., H2O is a leading provider of potable water solutions, as well as w comprehensive water safety products, services and rentals through its Bluecube and Crapzapper divisions.