A Legacy of Clean

H2O has built a reputation for offering complete, industry-leading water treatment systems for the global Offshore Oil & Gas and Marine markets.

Potable Water Without Risk

Make the water on your rig clean & safe to drink, with trusted water treatment equipment from H2O Inc.

Cost-effective, Simple

All of our solutions are designed around simplicity and lowest life cycle cost.


Bluecube watermakers set the standard through efficient design and ease of use. Supports crews that range in size from 2 to 2,000 and meets stringent regulations for potable water use.



The electrochlorination systems designed by H2O are fully automated units manufactured to comply with your unique specifications, applications, and globally recognized standards.
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H2O offers biological marine sanitation devices for temporary sewage treatment needs. We offer individual unit sizes ranging from 750 – 3500 gallons per day.
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Commander System

The Commander System is a patent-pending quality monitoring system for on-site stored water designed to e-mineralize potable water. It’s like having a team of water quality experts on duty 24/7.
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Featured Water Treatment Systems

With an established quality track record and a dedicated staff, H2O offers a variety of water treatment products and potable water services that readily integrate into bundles designed to provide complete, worry-free water treatment solutions..

We Offer Water Treatment Equipment Rentals

To assist customers in meeting short-term demands and unexpected situations, we offer water treatment equipment for rental.


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Delta House

H2O provided a complete potable water system on a single skid including the watermaker, storage tank and pressure set. This resulted in lower cost, smaller footprint and minimal field work.
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For the amine make-up water system, H2O provided a desalination system generating product water with a total dissolved solids content below 5.0 mg/l (ppm), a storage tank and a polishing and transfer skid.
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The project scope consisted of a 2 x 100% electro-chlorination unit to generate hypochlorite for biofouling control in the platforms seawater cooling system.
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Water Treatment Case Studies

We design complete, worry-free water treatment solutions that are easy to use, customized to your specifications, and meet all government regulations without sacrificing quality.


To assist customers in meeting short-term demands and unexpected situations, we offer water treatment equipment for rental. Renting watermakers and water treatment equipment may complement your offshore, marine or industrial business in a variety of ways. Learn more about our water treatment solutions.

Parts & Services

Worldwide Offshore Service is available for all brands of Watermakers, Wastewater and Electrochlorination systems. We maintain a substantial marine liability insurance policy, and our Watermaker technicians are trained and certified to work anywhere you need us – including offshore worldwide. Learn more about our water treatment parts & services.