Commander Systems

The Commander System is a water quality monitoring and re-mineralization system for on-site stored potable water. It’s like having a team of water quality experts on duty 24/7.

Our advanced system monitors critical parameters such as free chlorine, pH, total dissolved solids levels, and water temperature in potable water storage tanks, in order to identify and correct the conditions that lead to common problems seen by many potable water systems including: 

  1. Plumbing system corrosion (orange water)
  2. Loss of residual chlorine resulting in bacteria and algae growth
  3. Bad taste and odor
  4. Nitrification and excessive trihalomethane (THM) levels
  5. Thermal stratification

The Commander System offers peace of mind when it comes to stored water safety, while preventing health hazards to personnel and guarding against violations pertaining to the EPA Safe Drinking Water Act and other government regulation violations. 

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Commander System

The H2O CMDR System is designed to serve four primary functions.


As water sits stagnant in a storage tank thermal stratification begins to occur. Stagnant water is far more susceptible to algae and bacterial growth. Furthermore, since chlorine is heavier than water it sinks to the bottom of the tank. This allows bacteria and algae to grow at the surface and on the walls of the tank. Proper circulation of the tank is necessary to maintain an even distribution of disinfectants and prevent algae and bacterial growth.



The CMDR system continuously monitors three major parameters of your potable water supply; Total Dissolved Solids, Free Chlorine Residual and pH. All three parameters are critical to maintaining potable water that meets regulations including the EPA Safe Drinking Water Act and should be logged daily.



Regulations require that a minimum free chlorine residual be maintained in a water supply at all times to prevent bacterial growth. The CMDR system injects chlorine produced on site via electro-chlorination to maintain the required disinfectant levels.



Water produced by the R.O. and distillation process will have a low PH. This condition is created because the watermakers not only reject salts (such as Sodium Chloride) but also rejects minerals such as calcium and magnesium. This results in a high quality fresh water supply, but mineral deficient and low in pH. Water with a low pH can be aggressive as it tries to neutralize itself by dissolving minerals and/or metals it comes in contact with. This can cause piping to be attacked in the piping systems downstream of the water maker. The CMDR system includes a neutralizing tank filled with a mineral which is high in calcium carbonate to control the problem. When the produced water from the watermaker flows through this media it dissolves some of the calcium carbonate, adding minerals back into the water and raising the PH to a neutral level of around 7.

Features & Benefits:


  • Monitors free chlorine, pH, total dissolved solids and water temperature in potable water storage tank
  • Continuous circulation of potable water storage tank to evenly distribute disinfectant and prevent stagnation
  • Automatic adjustment of chlorine injection rates to prevent under- and over-chlorination as required by government regulations
  • On-skid chlorine storage tank capable of mixing and maintaining proper solution strength
  • Integral filtration system for removal of sediments and suspended iron
  • Maintains neutral pH and water hardness to mitigate corrosion
  • Integral ortho-phosphate injection system for advanced corrosion control in tank and plumbing system

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Offshore platforms serving more than 25 persons at least 6 months of the year are considered municipal water supplies by many government agencies. H2O’s Water without the Risks program with our NoRisk Lease and NoRisk Water Safety Plan allows oil and gas operators to ensure the potable water they provide their employees is safe. Like a municipal system you only pay for what you use.

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