Reliable Fresh Water for Your Operation

Meet H2O’s watermaker division. We have a variety of water treatment systems engineered to make your life safer and easier. See what our reverse osmosis (RO) desalination systems and other treatment packages can provide for you.

Water monitoring, reverse osmosis desalination and disinfection—it’s all here. 

Our efficient, easy-to-use potable water treatment units are for crews of 2-2,000. 

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Use Cases

potable water
Reliable potable water
Safe for people and plumbing, and with preventative measures for corrosion, your watermaker will support you and your crew with zero worries.
oil-rig (1)
Safe, on-demand utility water
Between simple one-button operation, lack of oil leaks, and other built-in efficiency features, our systems won’t risk employee health.
hose for waterblasting
Effective waterblasting
The watermaker can meet your high-volume requirements no matter where you are—including shallow, high-silt environments.

Durable. Cost-Efficient. Ready-to-Use.

The watermaker treatment systems at H2O LLC are just part of our legacy of cleanliness. For decades, our watermakers have provided rugged and reliable methods to support crews of varied sizes. With extensive safety features, our suite of systems and products—including RO desalination, storage tanks, filters, disinfection, deionization, and more—is ready to reduce operator intervention and easily provide potable water for your crew’s daily needs.

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