A Simple and Effective Sanitation System That Anyone Can Operate

Introducing the Crapzapper—a type II marine sanitation device that’s long-lasting and requires almost no maintenance. Interested in learning more? 

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Certified for universal operation
The Crapzapper is dual-certified—USCG and IMO Resolution MEPC.227(64)—which means that you can use it wherever you are, anywhere in the world.
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Increased life span
The all-metal design of the Crapzapper helps it last much longer than plastic units from other vendors.
Ultra-low maintenance
With only one moving part and a simple disinfection system, the Crapzapper is easy to fix and hard to break.
Accessible controls
The Crapzapper guarantees frustration-free access to important panels and parts with easily removable covers—even in tight spaces.
Reliable quality
We’ve installed more than 4,500 units worldwide for satisfied customers. The Crapzapper is a dependable asset in your industry.
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Corrosion resistance
Our metal units are fully protected so they can give you years of dependable service—including our 316SS model upgrade.

An Efficient, Scientifically Backed Device for Cleaner Discharge

The Crapzapper has a three-tank flow-through process specifically designed to ensure you don’t have to get your hands dirty. Waste cycles through an aeration chamber and a clarification chamber for processing and separating, and then flows to a chlorine contact chamber, where the waste is treated with chlorine (and, if applicable, runs through dechlorination step) before being discharged safely off your vessel. Watch our product overview video.

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