The Easy-to-Use, Affordable, and Effective Oily Water Separator

BOSS Separators provide bilge water treatment systems that you can depend upon for years of low-maintenance use. No matter your needs, we’ve got a BOSS Separator that will work hard for you. 

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BOSS 2.2T-107:
Designed for vessels up to 1,600 GT with an adjustable flow rate for optimal efficiency.
BOSS 2.2T-107Y
Designed for vessels up to 1,600 GT and featuring color options and easy-to-change dual cartridges. This system is designed with a smaller footprint to accommodate ships with space restrictions while maintaining the same efficiency as the Standard BOSS 2.2T-107.
BOSS 5T-107:
Designed for vessels 1,600-4,000 GT. Always USCG, ABS, BV, and MED certified for a high-quality operating experience.
BOSS 11T-107:
Designed for vessels of 4,000–15,000 GT with support for a wide range of applications.
Designed for vessels smaller than 400 GT, but can handle vessels up to 1,600 GT. Ideal for more minimal bilge volumes and compliant to IMO MEPC.107(49) regulations.

How Oily Water Separators Help You Achieve Clean Discharge Water

Your oily water separator will pump contaminated water through strainers and coalescing media to filter water and gather oil. Free oil rises and collects in a designated reservoir. The system then enables pressurized fresh water to push the oil to an external tank. Finally, your system will filter your water and test it to make sure it’s clean, so you can always meet the required levels of oil content before discharging your water overboard.

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