Low-Maintenance Electrochlorination Contributes to Effective Biofouling Control

Our electrochlorination systems protect against macro- and microfouling by creating a continuous stream of meticulously concentrated chlorine.

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Here’s what sets PEPCON® biofouling control systems above the rest:

Tubular or Plate Electrolyzers
We offer both types of electrolyzers. Being technology neutral allows us to offer the best fit for our client’s individual needs.
Superior Service Capabilities
Our dedicated technicians form years long relationships with clients to keep their systems up and running.
Lowest Lifecycle Cost
Capital cost + operating costs — your overall investment with H2O LLC is the lowest cost of ownership for a durable, hardworking product.
Field Support 24/7
No matter when you need support, we’ll be there to assist with targeted guidance and reliable expertise.
Decades-Long Track Record
We deliver custom-built packages to clients on time every time, and we work with you to meet your budgetary requirements.
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Confidence-Building Case Studies
We’ve worked on hundreds of projects with companies such as Shell, BP, Petrobras, MODEC and Chevron.

Biofouling Control Systems Built to Match Your Unique Specifications

Increase uptime and prevent fouling of your pumps, pipes, and heat exchangers through the process of electrochlorination. With our PEPCON® electrochlorination and biofouling control systems, you’ll find continuous monitoring for micro and macro fouling, easy maintenance, and trusted results. Plus, you’ll save space, logistics, and money over routine chemical injections


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