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Commander System

Project Facts

The customer was a major drilling company and the Commander System was installed on a recently delivered semisubmersible rig.


The client was experiencing severe corrosion issues in their potable water piping system. The cause was found to be substandard piping materials installed at the shipyard. This resulted in extremely poor water quality at the galley and bunkhouse sinks. The rigs potable water tanks had a capacity of over 200,000 gallons. When operating normally with 200-person crew, this provided a 10-day water supply. However, when the rig is stacked with a smaller crew, water in the tanks would sit stagnate for several months at a time, significantly increasing the risk of legionella and other waterborne pathogens.


H2O provided a Commander System (CMDR), complete with Rustfree injection, that performed four critical functions needed to improve water quality and increase the safety of the potable water supply. First, the unit circulated the water in several 80’ tall storage tanks to ensure the water stayed well mixed without stratification. Second, the CMDR unit monitored several critical water quality parameters including free chlorine, pH, temperature and total salinity. The system used the free chlorine feedback to proportionally dose chlorine to maintain a 0.5 mg/l free chlorine residual ensuring destruction of pathogens that may be present in the water. Lastly, the system used a calcium carbonate media to ensure the water was at a neutral pH. A Rustfree injection system was used to stop corrosion by forming a fine coating on the pumps and plumbing.


H2O was able to provide a water treatment solution that greatly improved the quality of the water on the drilling rig. The corrosion problems cleared-up in a matter of days and the crew is happy to have water that is clean and safe. In addition, the pipes will not need to be replaced saving the client a very large sum of money.

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