On all applications, we recommend a monitoring system that continuously gauges the effectiveness of the applied biofouling control regime. H2O BFS offers the most advanced biofouling monitor system on the market: the H2O Biovision Monitor™, a proprietary biofouling detection technology. The monitor should be installed as a bypass at a critical spot in the (cooling) water system (e.g., in front of the condenser or heat exchangers).

H2O takes the actual velocities and materials of the client’s cooling-water system into account and provides insight into the risk of biofouling by organisms such as mussels, oysters and barnacles. Our optional micro-fouling monitor can be added for increased corrosion protection from corrosion-inducing micro-fouling species. The Biovision Monitor provides the operator with the capability to identify the materials and flow rates that induce biofouling.

Biofouling monitoring service

H2O combines the Biovision Monitor and expert analysis to provide timely and continuous assessment of your biofouling treatment. Biofouling is typically established according to the species found at a specific location. However, when new invasive species enter the surrounding water, the treatment requires adjustment. H2O’s biofouling monitoring service detects new species so that quick corrective action can be taken before the water system is fouled and suffers irreversible negative effects.

Features & Benefits of the Biovision Monitor:

  • Monitors the settlement of the full range of biofouling species and offers real-time insight
  • Designed to mimic real conditions within the cooling-water system (material used, velocities, turbulences)
  • Detects all known biofouling species (e.g., mussels, oysters, barnacles, hydroids)
  • Operates using the pressure of the water system – no power supply required
  • Easy to install and operate

H2O’s biofouling monitoring service:

  • Identifies of critical locations in the cooling-water system where the monitor should be installed
  • Offers the option to use comparable plate material for cooling-water system material.
  • Provides commissioning of the monitor at the site.
  • Reviews fouling status in the monitor, or through a site visit or photo identification.
  • Provides advice on efficient biofouling control.
  • No CAPEX investment, low OPEX cost.

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