Why using the correct consumables for your H2O components is key to the operational success of your vessel.


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Why using the correct consumables for your H2O equipment is key to the operational success of your vessel.

At H2O Inc., our products are designed to exceed expectations and industry standards of enabling life on the water's surface while protecting life below the water's surface. Our design and performance standards are critical to our equipment's long life, low maintenance, and reliability. As such, consumables like chlorine tablets, bacteria, and filters are specifically designed and developed to work with H2O equipment and keep it operating in top shape over the life of your vessel. While alternatives exist, using high-quality official H2O consumables for onboard equipment is critical to maintaining and operating marine vessel equipment at ongoing peak performance levels.


H2O Inc. has been a trusted name in the marine industry for years, providing top-of-the-line water management and purification solutions. The ongoing operational success and performance of our products, such as BOSS Oily Water Separators and the CrapZapper Marine Sanitation Device, rely on using the correct consumables.

The BOSS Oily Water Separators, renowned for their reliability and efficiency, require high-quality filter media and replacement parts to ensure peak performance. Using the correct consumables, such as replacement filters and spare parts recommended by H2O Inc., is not just important; it's crucial. It's a key factor in maintaining their effectiveness and ensuring your vessel's compliance with stringent environmental regulations, a responsibility we all share.

Similarly, the CrapZapper Marine Sanitation Device from H2O, with its advanced technology and proven performance, relies on specific consumables for its sewage treatment processes. H2O Inc. provides a range of consumables tailored to CrapZapper, including treatment chemicals and replacement H2O equipment. These are not just important; they are crucial for maintaining its functionality and meeting sanitation regulations.

3-1In addition, H2O Inc.'s water purification systems require specific consumables, such as filter cartridges and cleaning agents, to ensure the ongoing supply of high-quality, potable water onboard yachts. Using the correct consumables for these systems is vital in maintaining clean and safe fresh water for drinking, cooking, and other onboard applications.

Remember to follow the H2O Inc. recommendations for consumables and regular maintenance to ensure the continued operational success and performance of H2O Inc. products. Utilizing the correct consumables, as advised by the manufacturer, is essential for maintaining the longevity and efficiency of these innovative water management and purification solutions. This allows vessel owners and operators to adhere to the highest environmental compliance standards and enhances operational efficiency and guest satisfaction.

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