H2O offers Ecodosing, a service specifically engineered to combat biofouling issues. Ecodosing takes advantage of the natural rhythm of biofouling organisms – including mussels, tubeworms, oysters and barnacles – and their response to biocides to calculate the most effective dosing method.

Ecodosing is the first comprehensive turnkey solution for combatting biofouling issues in once-through cooling water systems. Based on our experience, 10-30% CAPEX and 30-60% OPEX reductions can be achieved by dosing less biocide more effectively. With lower amounts of biocides injected in our oceans and seas, Ecodosing also contributes to the environmental sustainability.

Features & Benefits:

  • Customized dosing algorithm based on efficacy using biomonitoring systems
  • Applicable with any biocide
  • Reduced CAPEX (10-30%) – based on requiring less EC capacity
  • Reduced OPEX (30-60%)
  • Reduced environmental impact, reduced FRC/chlorination byproducts (e.g. THM) discharge up to 50%
  • Optimal dosing hardware system design
  • Accepted method by most water authorities

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For more information about Ecodosing, visit our resources section or Biofouling Solutions website.

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