H2O, LLC Acquires BOSS Separators Assets from Recovered Energy, Inc.



H2O LLC — an innovative provider of top-tier potable water, electrochlorination, and sewage treatment systems for marine vessels and offshore oil and gas platforms — today announced that it has acquired the assets of BOSS Separators, oily water separators designed for the marine industry, from Recovered Energy, Inc. The BOSS Separators brand will remain intact and become a product of H2O LLC.

The acquisition provides customers from both companies with better solutions and more options. H2O opens new markets for BOSS Separators, which now has access to a larger customer base and greater service capabilities. At the same time, H2O is able to bundle and offer more water treatment solutions to existing clients. H2O also enhances the BOSS Separators product from an engineering standpoint, enabling customization for more complex projects with comprehensive specifications.

"We are extremely excited to welcome BOSS Separators to our family," said H2O CEO Jess Fike. "We have complementary products that enable us to continue to deliver on our commitment to protecting lives and the environment, while becoming the go-to supplier in the market, especially for custom needs. Customers from both companies can rest assured that they will receive the same support and great products that they've come to expect for years."

H2O has helped some of the world's biggest offshore oil and gas companies find environmentally sustainable ways to dispose of waste while at sea. H2O's wastewater systems offer an easy-to-maintain, effective solution that now incorporates BOSS Separators to solve contaminated water streams problems with an emphasis on re-using that water whenever possible. The result is saving money for the customer while saving the environment.

"It's an exciting time for BOSS Separators," said Recovered Energy General Manager Matt Adams, who will remain head of the BOSS Separators product line. "For more than 15 years, BOSS Separators has been known for its high quality products, affordable prices, great customer service and technical support. Under the direction of H2O, the BOSS line of separators will continue this excellence as well as enhance and further develop products by leveraging added capabilities and engineering expertise. The BOSS brand of separators will continue to exhibit quality and excellence for many years to come, and I am thrilled to be part of it."

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