Maintaining An Oily Water Separator: 6 Key Parts to Replace on Time

Your oily water separator is an integral part of your vessel’s bilge water treatment system. Consisting of a separator unit, a filter unit, and an oil level monitoring-and-controlling unit, your separator will work to coalesce, filter, and remove impurities and oil from your bilge water. The result? You’ll be able to safely discharge water overboard as long as the oil content is within appropriate limits. 

That all sounds great, but what happens if your oily water separator malfunctions or turns faulty? At the very least, you could be at risk of breaching International Maritime Organization (IMO) guidelines, which could, in turn, put you at risk for steep fines. Maritime regulations dictate that discharged water must have an oil content of less than 15 ppm. Your oily water separator must be working well in order to help you meet that goal and avoid getting in trouble with your local authorities. 

If you enjoy avoiding fines and being in charge of a vessel that’s running like clockwork, it’s well worth investing in oily water separator maintenance. One key part of this maintenance is replacing spare parts on time. This can get confusing, but, fortunately, the experts at H2O have your back. Here’s what you need to know about spare parts and replacement schedules for your oily water separator.

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Oily Water Separators: How to Size A Bilge Water Treatment System

An oily water separator is a component of your vessel’s bilge water treatment system responsible for removing oil from bilge water. This type of system is crucial for the function of your vessel—and crucial for your bottom line because failing to discharge water safely can result in steep fines. 

Maritime regulations state that the oil content of your discharged water must be less than 15 ppm. Your oily water separator can help you achieve that goal, but only if it’s up to the task and properly sized for your system and your needs.

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Oily Water Separators: How Do Bilge Water Treatment Systems Work?

Wondering what an oily water separator is and how it benefits your vessel?

This type of water treatment system is responsible for removing oil particles from bilge water. Oily water separators that adhere to the IMO MEPC standards are specifically designed to be used in machinery space bilges of ships, making a system of this caliber an essential component of your vessel—especially if you enjoy avoiding fines. 

In order to discharge water safely from your ship, you’ll need to comply with all maritime regulations for doing so. This is where an oily water separator comes in. Current maritime regulations state that the oil content in discharged water must be less than 15 ppm. In order to stay in compliance and avoid fines, you need a system to treat your oily bilge water to get to that standard before discharging.

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H2O, LLC Acquires BOSS Separators Assets from Recovered Energy, Inc.

H2O LLC — an innovative provider of top-tier potable water, electrochlorination, and sewage treatment systems for marine vessels and offshore oil and gas platforms — today announced that it has acquired the assets of BOSS Separators, oily water separators designed for the marine industry, from Recovered Energy, Inc. The BOSS Separators brand will remain intact and become a product of H2O LLC.

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